We appreciate every person who has and will donate financially to our cause.  At this time, we are not looking to raise an exorbitant amount of money – but just enough to cover our grassroots goals.  This includes printing petition sections, providing volunteers with identification lanyards, and covering distribution costs.  While we do appreciate your financial contributions, this initiative will succeed or fail based on the number of volunteers we can recruit.  Please consider volunteering to circulate petition sections under the Volunteer tab.

Here are the details to donate.


The preferred method of donation is by check mailed with USPS.  We ask for this method because it saves the 7% of your contribution that would otherwise go to online & credit card fees.  We want every dollar you donate to make a difference.

Make checks payable to
Put it to the People

1691 W Dry Creek Rd
Littleton, CO 80120


We are currently accepting donations online through our Fundly page:

In the near future, we may begin accepting PayPal contributions, but at this time, that is not an option.

One comment on “Donate!
  1. […] This is a grassroots effort and Put it to the People could really use more volunteers.  Click here to learn more about their volunteer opportunities.  They also welcome donations to help defray the costs of printing petitions and the other costs associated with this operation.  Click here to donate! […]

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